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With its new projects, Aral Group intends to contribute to the restoration of the former beauty of cities, villages and settlements destroyed during the occupation.

About us

Founded in 1991 in the city of Konya, Turkey, Aral Group is one of the leading repair & construction companies in Azerbaijan. Having entered the construction market of Azerbaijan shortly after its establishment the company is making its contribution to the country’s beauty every day.

Despite the background of urban growth and increasing demand for repair and construction services in Azerbaijan Aral Group has managed to ensure its rapid development and diversification of its activities. We can say with confidence that over the past years the company has made a lasting contribution to the country’s economy with its multifaceted activities.

Today Aral Group keeps helping to maintain stability in the country’s construction sector, acting as a kind of locomotive for economic development.

It is worth emphasizing that Roseville Premium Residence a unique residential complex built in the central part of Baku is just one of the architectural masterpieces that the company has created in the capital.

The world is now experiencing dynamic growth. Azerbaijan which is gaining strength day by day has not been spared this global development either. Aral Group, in turn, keeps doing its utmost to support the country’s development. Numerous projects the company has implemented so far are aimed at further enhancing the country’s image, developing its infrastructure and most importantly improving the well-being of citizens.

The highest quality materials, modern equipment and technologies used for repair and construction as ensuring high-quality is one of our company’s priorities.

Aral Group, which includes nine sub-companies specialized in repair and construction (Aral Qrup LLC, Inkom LLC, Elif LLC, Esra LLC, Babək İnşaat LLC, Falez LLC, etc.), aims to carry out a number of large-scale projects in future.

Also, Greenville Residence, Sumqayıt Bağça Şəhər, Mirvari City, Aral Plaza and Star Life are the unique projects implemented by Aral Group. The company has succeeded in building various multi- storey residential buildings, villas, business centres and facilities of national importance in many parts of Baku. At the same time, Aral Group, with a dedicated focus on the automotive sector, established Aral Auto in 2022, securing the name of an official dealer of the Volvo brand in Azerbaijan. Subsequently, in 2023, the company further attained the prestigious position of the official dealer for the Suzuki automotive brand within the Azerbaijani market.

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Goal, Mission and Vision for the Future

Our goal

People always value us based on the quality of the service we provide. The quality of our service is directly proportional to the dedication and professionalism of our staff. We always offer service in line with the standards we set; we keep our word, carefully balancing quality with efficiency to achieve optimal results. To this end, we keep striving to learn and improve to make great strides, both individually and as an organization.

Our mission

By making effective investments in Azerbaijan’s non-oil sector and neighbouring countries, we try to satisfy their growing investment demand, encourage a culture of innovation and creativity as well as justify the trust of countries, shareholders, employees, customers and partners applying the most successful corporate experience in our activities.

Vision for the Future

Aral Group intends to develop and to be recognized as a leading and reliable strategic investor, driven by integrity, sound corporate governance and advanced technological solutions. We also aim to promote qualified human resources by stimulating professional entrepreneurship, sustainable economic growth and regional business cooperation.

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